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Why Advertise?

Many Ottawa businesses advertise online, in print, outdoor on billboards or on buses, on TV or on radio. Here are some of the reasons why Ottawa businesses advertise in the first place:

  • Reach new customers
    The number 1 reason most businesses advertise is to get new customers. has visitors who are looking to spend their money right now... why? It's because we're a directory and our visitors use our directory to find businesses like yours. Even Google promotes our directory in the top spots for many popular Ottawa business keywords. Check it out for yourself or view our search ranking chart.
  • Little loyalty
    Customers today have very little loyalty. This is probably because they are being bombarded by all sorts of advertising... better deals, better sales, better service. And of course, whatever is in their face at that moment in time is who they may use. doesn't hassle our visitors to come to; Our visitors come to our online directory looking for businesses who can service their needs... RIGHT NOW. Don't let your customers forget who you are and make sure you're visible in our directory, when they are ready to use your service... RIGHT NOW. If you are not visible within our directory you will not be considered for that business. Find out how many people are looking for your service or product today... just call us and we'll tell you.
  • Be there when they are ready to buy
    Imediate gratification is what it's all about in today's society. When we need something we want it right away... not necessarily because we're inpatient but often times becasue there is a real need or lack of time to research the best products or multiple companies. So... if you're not infront of people when they are ready to spend their money for your service or product, and your competitor is... guess what... you've lost that business to them. is a directory and used by over 250,000 people monthly. These people are not coming to listen to music or read the news. Make sure you're in our directory or you will not be considered.
  • Your competition is advertising already has hundreds of businesses within our directory. We've been around for 15 years and have a 95% renewal rate. You may well find your competitor within our directory. Make sure they don't have an edge over you.
  • Brand recognition (Familiarity)
    People like to buy familiar brands. If you are currently running an ad campaign that does not include online, then you're missing out on the fastest growing and effective mediums of advertising. Take a look at our stats... we reach over 250,000 people a month. Inf fact you can take a look at how people surf the web in Ottawa... people surf while they are at work. And think about this... Ottawa is a government town... it's hard to read the newspaper, listen to the radio or watch TV during the day. One last thing... don't think that one shot advertising campaigns work... it's well know that a person needs to see or hear your brand 10-12 times before they even recognize it.
  • Generate leads
    Are you on the short list of your potential customer? If not you're not even going to get the chance to compete for that business. Our directory gets 250,000 visitors monthly and we're also top on Google for hundreds of business terms... Ottawa restaurants, Ottawa travel, Ottawa furniture, Ottawa lawyers, Ottawa dentists and more... check for yourself or view our search rankings. If you're not in our directory you're not going to be considered by those people using our directory. We'll even show you how many people you're missing out on month after month.
  • Generate Sales
    No leads equals no sales. Make sure you are on your potential customers short list. Advertise where your customers are looking. If you're not in our directory you're not going to be considered by those people using our directory. We'll even show you how many people you're missing out on month after month. Remember we get over 200,000 people a month visiting us.
  • Keep the momentum going
    It's easier to advertise when you're successful... when you have money. It's much harder when you don't have the cash flow to advertise to stimulate your cash flow. Some of the most successful brands consistently allocate the same percentage of revenues toward advertising. Why you ask? It's for all the above reasons.
  • Healthy positive image
    A company that is usually consistently visible is perceived as healthy and successful. Make sure that you are runnning cost effective advertising campaigns... calculating your cost per impression and cost per customer. It's hard to do it with radio, print and TV but easy with internet.
  • Maintain employee morale
    People like working for successful healthy companies. Advertising also works internally towards your employees and stimulates morale in your company. A visible company equals a healthy and successful company.
Well that's it for why you should be advertising in the first place. If you're looking to get new customers or generate brand awareness, make sure to include in your marketing mix. Hundreds of Ottawa businesses already do and consistently renew year after year. That really says something who we are and what we can deliver. Contact us today to show you in person.
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