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Ottawa Pathway Patrol

The Pathway Patrol was started in 1997 and has since grown both in numbers of patrollers and in area covered. In 1999, there were 46 patrollers who walked, in-line skated and cycled on the pathways providing a coverage of approximately 36 hours/week.

The volunteer Patrol was developed to help make the pathways of the National Capital Region safer and more enjoyable for recreation and commuting. Patrollers operate in pairs during daylight hours providing emergency assistance and information to other pathway users.
Look for their bright yellow vest and say thank-you to volunteers who are helping to make the pathways in the National Capital Region more enjoyable for all.

Interested in becoming a volunteer Pathway Patroller?
You must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and in good health
  • Clear a criminal records check.
  • Successfully complete all training requirements (Pathway Patrol training, First Aid, CPR “C” and AODA).
  • Commit to two patrols per month.
  • Provide your own equipment (shoes, in-line skates or bicycle) and wear appropriate safety gear
  • Have good communication skills

Please contact City Wide Sports at 613-580-2854 or for more information. 

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