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Rack and Roll

Rack and Roll is OC Transpo’s new project to put bike racks on buses. You can take your bike with you and leave the traffic to them. It’s good exercise and good for the environment! Each rack hold two bikes and has easy loading and unloading features. Racks will be installed on most Route 2, 95, 97 buses although you may see them on other routes too.

Racks are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so if the rack is full, please wait for the next bus. There’s no cost to use the rack, just your usual bus fare.
Rack and Roll runs spring through fall and complements OC Transpo’s existing Bike and Ride program of bike rack installations at 18 Transitway stations. Most of these stations are accessible from bike paths or local streets and provide rapid transit service to downtown and across the region.
Bike racks may be found at Abbey, Baseline, Billings Bridge, Blair, Campus, Eagleson, Greenboro, Hurdman, Iris, LeBreton, Lees, Lincoln Fields, Place d’Orleans Park and Ride, Smyth, South Keys, Westboro and Walkley Stations.

Fast and Simple to Use

Before the bus arrives, get your bike ready for loading. Remove any loose items. Indicate to the operator that you will be loading your bike.

1. If the rack is closed, hold onto your bike with one hand and with your other hand, squeeze the latch, then lower the rack.
2. Lift your bike onto the rack and place the wheels in the wheel wells. The first bike should be placed in the position furthest from the bus.
3. Rise the support arm over your tire as high as it will go, but not over the frame or fender.


Before you reach your stop, tell the operator you will be unloading your bike, then exit by the front door.

1. Raise the support arm off the tire.
2. Lift your bike from the rack.
3. If the rack is empty, fold up the rack until it locks in place before you step away from the bus.
4. Step away from the bus and signal to the operator that you are clear of the bus.

For your safety, load and unload your bike from the front or curb side of the bus. Load and unload your bike as quickly as possible.

Sharing the Road with Buses
Buses and bikes are considered equal under the Highway Traffic Act, but a ten ton bus is harder to stop than a 15 kg bike. Here are some tips from Citizens of Safe Cycling and OC Transpo to help make your cycling trip more enjoyable.

  • Avoid riding in the blind spots at the sides and rear of the bus where the operator cannot see you
  • Stay well back and on the left side of the bus and remember that buses stop often.
  • Always pass a bus on the left side – don’t get trapped between the bus and the curb.
  • Allow plenty of room when passing a bus.
  • Be bright at night! Use a headlight, tail-light, reflectors and light-coloured clothing so that driver can see you.

Rack and Roll is supported by TravelWise


Information: (613) 741-4390


TTY 741-5280

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