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Ottawa Bike Signs

Do you know what bicycle signs look like? Do you know what each one means? This section of the guide is designed to help you learn what each sign means, and will also tell the appropriate action to take. There are many interesting facts that may help you in your tour around the city.

Bicycle-Specific Signs and pavement Markings

Bicycle Route
The bicycle Route sign indicates those streets that form a part of the Bicycle Route Network. It is intended to provide guidance for cyclists but does NOT imply that you must use those streets. Streets that form part of the Bicycle Route Network are shown on the “Ottawa-Carleton cycling Map”.

Bicycle Lane
Bicycle lanes are marked with a solid white line, typically 1.5 to 2.0 metres from the curb or edge of road. Bicycle symbols are painted at regular intervals to indicate that these lanes are for use by bicycles. Where the solid line become a broken line, motorist may cross the lane to make a turn or to enter another lane. Cyclists should be alert an merge with other traffic.

Reserved Bicycle Lane
Reserved Lane signs indicate that lanes are reserved for use by specific vehicles such as buses, taxis, high occupancy vehicles and bicycles. The Reserved Bicycle Lane sign is used where lanes are reserved for the exclusive use by bicycles. The presence of these signs does not prohibit cyclists from travelling outside of the reserved lanes if circumstances warrant (avoiding objects, road repair, making turns, etc.). The Reserved Bicycle Lane sign is accompanied by a diamond pavement marking along with a bicycle symbol. Respect the bicycle lane if you are a motorist – do not stop or park in the reserved lane

Motorized Vehicle Passing Prohibited
This sign is used where motorists must not overtake a cyclist within a specified zone. Typically, these are used in construction zones where the lane width is too narrow for a bicycle and motor vehicle to share the road. Cyclists are encouraged to move through these zones promptly while motorists are encouraged to give way to bicycles.

Dismount and Walk
In certain locations, cyclists are encouraged to act as pedestrians and must dismount and walk their bicycles. Please respect these signs.

Two-way Traffic – Bicycles Only
This sign indicates a contra-flow bicycle lane. On these streets, bicycles are permitted to travel in both directions while motor vehicles are restricted to one direction only. If you are approaching a cross street that has a contra-flow bicycle lane, remember to look in both directions before entering the street.

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