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Dental Equipment 

Stepping into your Ottawa dentists office may seem like you’ve stepped into a futuristic planet! With all their special tools and gadgets they have it’s easy to get a little concerned, so it’s helpful to get a grasp on what it all actually is! All dentists should wear the standard health and safety equipment like masks, gloves, safety glasses and face shields as this protects your Ottawa dentist from any bacteria or debris.

Other equipment at your Ottawa dentists office can include:

Burs- These handy tools are used for a variety of tasks including filling cavities, smoothing the teeth, repairing chips and removing tooth tissue. Burs come in a numerous shapes and sizes depending on the job at hand. Dentists drills use a bur which is rotated at high speeds in order to complete the job. 

Dentists Chair- This invention has quite a few different parts to it. Basically, this chair has a long seat on top which enables you to lay down. At the bottom, there’s a height-adjusting system and a minimum of one adaptable apparatus which contains water, air and an electrical current. The chair is meant to help you feel comfortable although its appearance may not be so inviting!

Fine Hand Tools (scalers and curettes)- These tools are used after the majority of the larger particles of tartar have been removed (by the ultrasonic instrument). They are curved in order to match the shape of the teeth and they carefully scrape away small deposits of tartar. The aim is to give the teeth a nice and smooth finish and a small amount of pressure may be applied to achieve this.

Hand-held probe- There are many different types available but the most common use for the probe is in the examination process of your mouth. Your Ottawa dentist will use this device to detect many issues including your bridges or crowns as well as feeling if there are any cavities (this happens when it sticks to the soft parts in your tooth). 
A periodontal probe is used to feel how far your periodontal pockets measure in depth.

Mouth Mirror- This hand held tool helps the dentist to see all different angles of your mouth. It can also be used to help prop the mouth open when the dentist is working and it also aids in reflecting light into your mouth to help your Ottawa dentist see more clearly.

Saliva Ejector- This is a device used to control the moisture in your mouth when you’re getting dental work done. The noise is about the worst of it as it sucks up any excess saliva from your mouth. Cotton wool and other similar items can also be used to control the amount of moisture in your mouth.

Syringes- Sometimes the work you need can be quite painful and that’s why your Ottawa dentist will have a few different types of disposable needles and syringes to provide anaesthesia. While some people think that the needle may be worse than the pain, they are assured that the needle prick will only take a second and then you will be much more comfortable for the duration of the procedure.

Ultrasonic Instrument- This is most commonly used first and can be detected by its high pitched sounds. Don’t be put off by that, it seems much louder than it is as it’s being amplified inside your head. The main job this tool provides is that it vibrates and knocks any larger parts of tartar away from the tooth and gums. Water is often sprayed at the same time to get rid of any debris and to control the temperature of the area being cleaned.
This instrument isn’t sharp and the procedure should be painless. The only slight problem you may encounter in that the vibrations are too ticklish! Remember that you can always let your Ottawa dentist know and they will be happy to adjust it as best they can. 

X-Ray Machine- These machines are used to x-ray your mouth and to let the dentist see more than what’s on the surface. You’ll usually be asked to sit or lay down while the x-rays are taken and you’ll have a protective pad placed over your chest and stomach area. This procedure is totally painless and should only take a short period of time.


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