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Ottawa Embassies & Commissions

Ottawa Embassies & Commissions Listings - Standard (View Map)
Bosnia-Herzegovina Embassy
130 Albert St, Ste 805, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 236-0028

The Bosnia-Herzegovina Embassy is Located in Ottawa

Bosnia-Herzegovina Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
International Business Opportunities Ctr (IBOC)
125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 944-6000

The International Business Opportunities Ctr is located in Ottawa.

International Business Opportunities Ctr (IBOC) - Ottawa Embassies
International Joint Commission (Canadian Section)
234 Laurier Avenue West, 22nd Floor, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 947-1420

The International Joint Commission assists governments in finding solutions to problems in these waters.

International Joint Commission (Canadian Section) - Ottawa Embassies
Lithuania Embassy
150 Metcalfe Str, Suite 1600, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 567-5458

The Lithuania Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Lithuania Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Portugal Embassy
645, Island Park Drive, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 729-2922

The Portugal Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Portugal Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Sri Lanka High Commission
333 Laurier Avew Ste 1204, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 233-8449

The Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa is the principal Sri Lanka Diplomatic Mission in Canada.

Sri Lanka High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Afghanistan Embassy
246 Queen Street, Suite 400, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 563-4223

Afghans have embarked on the path of democracy and reconstruction, by aiming to restore stability, security, rule of law and human rights under a constitutional regime. These goals are achievable over a period of time, but made easier in partnership with the international community. In that regard, Canada continues to have an active and constructive role in the changes taking place in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
500 Wilbrod St, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 789-8505

Algeria embassy is located in Ottawa.

Algeria - Ottawa Embassies
Angola Embassy
189 Laurier Ave E, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 234-1152

The Angolan Ambassador to Canada is the personal representative of the President in conducting official relations between the two countries. When the Ambassador engages in negotiations, initiates a policy, delivers an address, or takes part in ceremonies, he does it so on behalf of the President. He also oversees operations at Angolan consulate in Ottawa . In addition to the Ambassador, the Angolan Embassy in Ottawa includes approximately 22 officers and staff. The State Department sections within the Embassy focus on political, economic, consular, public affairs and administrative functions.

Angola Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Argentina Embassy
90 Sparks, Ste 910, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 236-2351

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. Its topography ranges from its central fertile plains to the Andes in the West and a semi-arid zone in the southern region of Patagonia. The climate varies from subtropical to subantarctic, with a wide belt of moderate temperatures well suited for agriculture.

Argentina Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Armenia Embassy
7 Delaware Ave, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 234-3710

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Canada!
Here you can find information on the Embassy's daily work, Armenian-Canadian relations and consular issues, as well as about important events in Armenia, Armenian Diaspora and Armenian community in Canada. We also invite you to take a virtual tour of our beautiful Embassy building.

Armenia Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Australian High Commission
50 O'Connor, Ste 710, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 236-0841

Australia and Canada have a highly productive relationship. We have much in common. Both our countries are deeply engaged in questions of world order and development and face many similar challenges.

Australian High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Austria Embassy
445wilbrod St, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 789-1444

We are a charitable foundation which seeks to sponsor and promote Austrian culture in Canada, act as a coordinating body for Austrian and Austrian-Canadian activities in Canada, and are the national voice of Austrians and Austrian-Canadians in Canada.

Austria Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
275 Slater St, Ste 904-C, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 288-0497

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Canada. This site offers basic information about Azerbaijan and our Embassy. I hope you will get closer to our ancient land located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, on the Caspian Sea shore.

Azerbaijan - Ottawa Embassies
Bahamas High Commission
50 O'Connor St, Ste 1313, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 232-1724

The Bahamas High Commission is located in Ottawa.

Bahamas High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Map This |   Bahamas High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Bangladesh High Commission
340 albert street, Suite # 1250, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 236-0138

Welcome to the website of the Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa. This is a completely new and updated website replacing the previous one. We hope to provide you with a window of opportunity to know about Bangladesh, its people and the rich resources and opportunities the country offers to visitors, tourists, investors and businesspeople.

Bangladesh High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Barbados High Commission
130 Albert St, Ste 1204, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 236-9517

The Barbados High Commission is located in Ottawa.

Barbados High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Map This |   Barbados High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Belarus Embassy
130 Albert St Ste 600, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 233-9994

The Belarus Embassy is located in Ottawa

Map This |   Belarus Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Belgium Embassy
360 Albert Street, Suite 820, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 236-7267

Belgium is the world's most globalized country according to the KOF Index of Globalization.

Belgium Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Belize High Commission
Kent Street, Ottawa, Ontario,

The Belize High Commission is located in Ottawa

Belize High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Map This |   Belize High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Benin Embassy
58 Glebe Ave, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 233-4429

The Benin Embassy is located in Ottawa

Benin Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Brazil Embassy
450 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 237-1090

The Brazil Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Brazil Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
British High Commission
80 Elgin St, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P
(613) 237-1530

The British High Commission's mission providing effective and courteous public services.

British High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Brunei Darussalam Embassy
395 Laurier Ave E, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 234-5656

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was formally established upon the resumption of Brunei Darussalam's full independence on 1 January 1984. His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bolkiah was appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brunei Darussalam.

Brunei Darussalam Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Bulgaria Embassy
325 Stewart St, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 789-3524

This web-site will focus on the co-operation between Bulgaria and the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, will introduce the main bilateral programmes, will acknowledge the Bulgarian presence in both countries and will provide you with some more information about Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Burkina Faso Embassy
48 Range Rd, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 238-4796

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa. It is bordered by Niger in the east, Benin in the southeast, Togo and Ghana and Ivory Coast in the south, and in the west and north by Mali.

Burkina Faso Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Burundi Embassy
325 Dalhousie St, Ste 815, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 789-0414

The Burundi Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Burundi Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Map This |   Burundi Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Cameroon High Commission
170 Clemow Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 236-1522

The High Commission for the Republic of Cameroon in Canada is in charged of a general mission of representation of Cameroon in accordance with internatinal treaties and law.

Cameroon High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Chile Embassy
50 O'Connor St, Ste 1413, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 235-9940

Canada is a great country, a friend to Chile. That friendship has grown and developed over the years. Our relations are increasingly broad, more intense and entail new challenges. Both countries are committed to the defence, deepening and extension of democracy. Both nations wish for respect for human rights and the life of every person; both desire that we care for the planet as if it were the common house of all; both want justice, equality and dignity to reign in every country. And we both want globalization to serve, above all, to promote these values among all peoples of the earth.

Chile Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
China Embassy
515 St. Patrick Street, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 789-3434

The China Embassy is located in Ottawa.

China Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Colombia Embassy
360 Albert St, Ste 1002, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 230-3760

The Colombia Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Colombia Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Congo Embassy
18 Range Road, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 230-6391

The Congo Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Congo Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Costa Rica Embassy
325 Dalhousie Street, suite 407, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 562-0842

The Costa Rica Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Costa Rica Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Map This |   Costa Rica Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Cote D'Ivoire Embassy
9 Marlborough Ave, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 236-9919

The Cote D'Ivoire Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Cote D'Ivoire Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Croatia Embassy
229 Chapel St, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 562-7820

We invite you to discover and enjoy the beauties of Croatia.

Croatia Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Cuba Embassy
388 Main St, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 563-0141

The Cuba Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Cuba Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Czech Republic Embassy
251 Cooper St, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 562-3875

The Czech Republic Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Czech Republic Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Denmark Embassy
47 Clarence St, Ste 450, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 562-1811

The Denmark Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Denmark Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Dominican Republic Embassy
130 Albert St, Ste 418, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 569-9893

On behalf of the Dominican Republic People and Government that I am honoured to represent, please receive the most cordial welcome to our Web site, source of additional information to enrich our diplomatic relations with Canada.

Dominican Republic Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Eastern Caribbean States Embassy
130 Albert St., Ste. 700, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 236-8952

High Commission for the Countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.

Eastern Caribbean States Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Ecuador Embassy
50 O'Connor St, Ste 316, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 563-4286

The Ecuador Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Ecuador Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Egypt Embassy
454 Laurier Ave E, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 234-4931

The Egypt Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Egypt Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Map This |   Egypt Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
El Salvador Embassy
209 Kent St, Ste 504, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 238-2939

The El Salvador Embassy is located in Ottawa.

El Salvador Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Eritrea Embassy
75 Albert Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5E7
(613) 234-3989

The Eritrea Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Eritrea Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Map This |   Eritrea Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Estonia Embassy
260 Dalhousie Street, Suite 210, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 789-4222

The Estonia Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Estonia Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Ethiopia Embassy
151 Slater St, Ste 210, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 235-6637

The Ethiopia Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Ethiopia Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
European Commission (EEC/EU) Embassy
45 O'Connor St, Ste 1900, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 238-6464

The European Commission Embassy is located in Ottawa.

European Commission (EEC/EU) Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Fiji Embassy
130 Slater St Ste 750, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 233-9252

The Fiji Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Fiji Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Map This |   Fiji Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Finland Embassy
55 Metcalfe St, Ste 850, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 288-2233

The Embassy represents the Government of Finland in Canada and looks after Finland's political, economic and cultural interests.

Finland Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
France Embassy
42, Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 789-1795

The France Embassy is located in Ottawa.

France Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Gabon Embassy
4 Range Rd, P.O. Box 368, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 232-5301

The Gabon Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Gabon Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Map This |   Gabon Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Germany Embassy
1 Waverley Street, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 232-1101

The German Embassy is the official representative body of the German Government in the country where it is located.

Germany Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Ghana High Commission
153 Gilmour Street, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 236-0871

The Ghana High Commission is located in Ottawa.

Ghana High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Greece Embassy
80 MacLaren St., Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 238-6271

The Greece Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Greece Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Guatemala Embassy
130 Albert Street, Suite 1010, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 233-7188

The Guatemala Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Guatemala Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Guinea Embassy
483 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 789-8444

The Guinea Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Guinea Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Map This |   Guinea Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Guyana High Commission
309-151 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 235-7240

The Guyana High Commission is located in Ottawa.

Guyana High Commission - Ottawa Embassies
Haiti Embassy
151 Slater St, Ste 805, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 233-8900

The Haiti Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Haiti Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
Hong Kong Business Assn.
299 Waverley Street, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 230-9614

The Hong Kong Business Assn. is located in Ottawa.

Hong Kong Business Assn. - Ottawa Embassies
Hungary Embassy
299 Waverley Street, Ottawa, Ontario,
(613) 230-9614

The Hungary Embassy is located in Ottawa.

Hungary Embassy - Ottawa Embassies
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